Now I am back in Norway, still a little jetlagde, but it is a lot better now! It is really weired being back in Norway, missed all my friends so much, but its still weired. When I flew from Heathrow to Oslo I noticed how the sun was still up (it was 10.30 pm) when I landed. So beautiful to see the sunset over the norwegian tall mountains and the green fields. 

Right now I am working on signing up for orientation for transfer studentes at USC, and filling out scholarship application. 

I have some news for you too, I am changing platform soon. I want to have my own domain which I can control and manage myself. I just think blogg.no limits me so it will be a good idea to move on to my own domain. I am thinking about changing the name of the blog, but not sure yet. What do you think?

Also now that its summer I am not going to blog so much since this is a student blog and not so much a lifestyle blog. But please continue to write me emails and comment. I know summer is a time when we can finally relax and think about where and what we are moving towards so summer is often the time when I recive the most emails so I will of course answer.


Have a great summer everyone!!

Christine of Forliving

Emmas Graduation

My friend Emma is moving to New York and graduated from SMC on wedensday

on her way in to the graduation (sorry for the bad quality) 

Walking down from the podium. Offically graduated with honors!!

Just graduated

So pretty and happy<3

Congratulations Emma!