Soon back to LA

I finally got a email saying that my new I20 from USC is on its way, its being shipped from LA today! Finally, its just took forever.

Even though thats finally out of the way I still have a couple of more things to fix such as gathering the last pieces of information to get financial support from Lanekassen (a governmental funding system for students created to give all norwegians equal rights and ability to study).

I also need to apply for scholarships since USC is so expensive that Lanekasen only covers the fees and tuition and my travel over there. I was a little mad and frustrated when I found out about this after calling Lanekassen especially since the woman on the other side of the line could hardly speak norwegian and when I asked if she spoke English she got mad..

In addition I need to book my ticket and pack my bags… maybe I should start now. Haha. Btw have you read the new page on Studere i USA on my blog? I wrote an article about what to pack for LA. Check it out!

Young & Younger Me

this was me in 2006 I believe, I had just turned 15. My eyes look very blue, but I think its the light since my eyes are actually blue/greenish. 

And this is me in 2012 at age 21. My eyes look very green here, again it must be the light I believe.

I was a little chocked when I saw the resemblance because I am smiling the exact same way with the same tilt with my head. Do you think I have changed at all?

Oslo & Akerbrygge


The sign says:”Oslos newst neighborhood”. They actually built a new island for this new part of Oslo.

you can see they are still building in the background

This is Lektern, a popular place to dine and drink during summer


Olivia i Bogstadveien

Yesterday before our “boat trip” Vince and I went to Olivia in Bogstadveien to eat lunch.


Olivia is my favorite place to go in Oslo. They serve mainly Pasta and Pizza, and everything is sooo good!



The sun is shining in Norway!! So me and my friend Vince decided to take his boat out, unfortunately the batteri was flat so we just stayed close to the pier.
me and my sailor jacket. I believe every Norwegian has one

This is Vollen in Asker