Question: A little peptalk

Hello friends, I get a bunch of email right now with basically the same questions so I have decided to write a post that I think will cover most of them. I have also started school again and is super busy running around trying to organize my life right now so I dont have time to answer all emails and comments within a week, but I will answer them as soon as I have time. 

First of all I want to thank all my wonderful readers, this blog is for you to get inspired and get more information about studying and living in the US. 

A lot of you ask me if I like it over here, and of course I do! If not I would have gone home after first semester. There are things here that I love and there things I dont love that much. But everything dosent need to be perfect in order to live somewhere else than home. It has so far been a wonderful experience that I am 100 % satisfied with and I have never regretted moving here. After being here I dont understand why people choose to study at home, when there is so many interesting places to visit and experience. I have not only learned “school stuff”, but I have gotten to know a culture, and grown as a person. It is only a year since I moved here, but I feel 10 years older and more experienced than before.

secondly a lot of you ask if it is worth the money (and the question comes from norwegians(?!) which I must say I just find stupid cause the student loans and scholarships that Norwegians get is some of the highest in the world!). Of course its worth it, there is no better thing to do than invest in yourself. You can loose your house, car, family etc, but you can never loose your education and knowledge. I am probably ending up with 100 000 dollar student loan, which I am not screaming over because I know that the education I take will be worth it all. Norwegians are so lucky to be able to get governmental funding, thats a luxury we have so of course you are going to take advantage of that! Furthermore, School in Norway is also expensive cause of the high prices. I think ANSA once did a research to see which country gave students most (valuta) for their money and the US was at the top cause it is so cheap to live here compared to many other countries, even though the school is expensive. So the fact that it is in the US, is just not an excuse!

thirdly: How much does it cost? I cant answer this cause I dont know which school you wanna go to. I go to USC which is 44 000 dollars a year (266 000 kr), but I also went to SMC last year which was 8000 dollars (46 000 kr). Apart from school money I spend 500 dollars (ca 3000NOK) a month on rent and electricity. I live with three girls, have a gym, a pool, roof terrace, a balcony, bbq area, two parkings, and a jaquzzi etc. So of course you can find cheaper than that. I spend 20 dollars a week on food (but I am a vegetarian). Please try doing the same in Norway :) My phone bill is 100 dollars a month which is T mobile free sms, mms, internet, etc. In addition I would like to add that California is the most expensive state to study in.

4: how did you find your roommates? My first roommates I found on facebook, then I got to know a Norwegian girl (former reader of my blog!) that I moved in with together with two other swedish girls. Now we are a big group of girls. Its nice to have a group of friends here, it makes it more safe and fun. For me it was never a problem to find roommates. Maybe you are unlucky the first time like I was, but you can always try again and find some very sweet ones that becomes your friends.

5: Is it difficult going to school in the US? Of course its difficult, its university, its not suppose to be high school! People are chocked when I say I study at least 2 to 3 hours a day and choose to not go out every weekend. Its the reality. If you want good grades, you work for them. If you are thinking about the language barrier I must say I dont have a problem with lectures and readings in english, but I have always liked to read english books and watch movies without subtitles so I guess thats an advantage. On the other hand I did find the first classes at SMC a bit hard since I dident understand all the words, especially biology and statistics were difficult, but I learned all the varying definitions and it went fint. On the same note I would like to add that if you dont burn for this then dont move across the world. A lot of people come to LA or college just to party, and are amazed by all the school work since college in the US have mandatory class participation and homework. You need to be sure you want this, but if you do find out that this is not for you, then you can always go home. It is okay to change you mind and get new dreams, if it hadn’t been that way we would all grow up wanting to become princesses and cowboys. Dreams change and that is totally fine, but you need to work for them in order for them to become true.

Love you all! Feel like I had a little peptalk here<3


Felt like I had a little breakdown today. I came in too late to class and noticed that we had been given an assignment in class. I read on the board something about reaction to media and fear. It was not difficult at all, but being late and super stressed made all the words on the board ten times more complicated then it really was.. I just sat there on the floor (cause there were no seats available..) in a room with 250 incredible smart students who was all writing eagerly on this “super hard” assignment and thought to myself that USC would be too difficult for me.. that I should just go back to SMC or just take 12 units and finish my degree in 3 years instead of two.

But the words on the board “loosen up” and revealed a simple assignment about witting down a movement of fear we had felt as children while watching a movie, TV show, reading a book etc. I wrote about Hufsa from Mumidalen! hahaha


I love USC. The campus, the people, professors, classes, everything. It is such a beautiful campus with so many bright students and amazing professors. I think I love all my classes.

I know its is going to be hard doing 18 units, but I wil also learn tremendously much!

Love u all!

First day at USC

Today was my first day at USC! I actually came inn late.. but luckily first class was cancelled. Then I had lunch with some new friends, a very sweet girl name Ashley and her friend Landy. Me and Landy have almost all our classes together so its great to have a friend in every class. I also had my mass media class which is a big class with 200 students. We were in the class for 8 minuts just getting a little bit of information. There wont be a lot of school this week I think.

Sorority rush was this weekend, but I decided to not rush. I feel that its just not me the whole sorority thing, on the other hand it would be fun to try. I think I will rush next spring, but right now I want to see how it is to study 18 units (!).


pics from the apartment

My mac is so ugly since I forget to use the cover, therefore I decided to council some of the scratches with a my USC sticker.

my roommate, J, jewelry tripod. I think she loves feathers 

yes, its a bit messy here… 

and a little gift to someone from someone. Guess who