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How clubbing works in LA

Going out in LA is quite a sport. Especially if you are a girl. If you are a man its just expensive..

1: You need to be 21 or over (but seriously, all you need is a fake id. Use your friends)

2: Wear as little as possible. If you actually are wearing covering cloth, make sure they are so tight that they leave nothing to the imagination of the opposite sex, its nice for them to know what they are getting, right? Also dont forget the fake hair, fake eyelashes, fake contacts, fake boobs, fake lips..

LA Style is pretty dress up, where the highest heels and the shortest dress is a must have. Every time I go out here I start to wonder if I took a wrong turn and ended up in Jersey Shore.. You DO NOT have to follow the mainstream LA clubbing fashion, and I dont think you should either.

3: Get a promoter. A promoter is a person (usually a guy) that get you into clubs (pass the line ofc). They work for the clubs and are paid to get hot girls in so that men will come and spend money, preferably at the table you are at. (Kinda like a pimp and hoe thing). Once you have lived in LA for a while you will receive more texts from promoters than you will from your friends..

4: Black night and White night: Since americans like to divide everything up by race and ethnicity they also do this when it comes to clubbing. They have Urban nights for black people and house nights for white people. Not kidding.. Believe me, if you are white and go to Urban night you will be the ONLY white person there.

5: The fast changing club scene. No club in LA are “hot” more than a couple of months. Except supper and playhouse (oh wait! they are not “hot”. Dont think they have been the last couple of years either). After a couple of months the club closes down and open up with a new theme and name, still owned by the same guy tho..

6: XIV. When you go to LA, there is one club you most certainly will hear about. The Summer club XIV (pronounced 14th). Its what defines summer here in LA. It becomes summer the day it opens and day its closes it suddenly becomes winter the day after. People cry the day it ends..

7: The scenery. In LA you find different crazy people, and at clubs you find the: Old men with the money, promoters, swedish blond girls, russian girls dressed in fashion from the 90s.., the american girls that has finally turned 21 (and they are going crazy), the “i am too old to go clubbing, but I have taken so much botox that I believe I look like I am 17″ women, the tourists, and awkward chinese table that dosent speak to anyone else than other fellow asians.

And you ask: Where are the celebs? At private parties in the Hills.

8: facts: I never pre-game when I am going out. Girls here drink vodka mixed with water to stay skinny, smoking a joint in the club is totally fine, the club closes at 2.., the music is so loud you cant speak to anyone, even tho a lot of people live in LA its usually the same people that go out every weekend, Everyone waits for the after party while they are at the club, All tables has a waiter (usually a girl dressed in underwear that is way hotter than then rest of the girls at the table!)

PS: if you are a girl, everything is free. If you are a guy.. get your wallet out.


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