Gameday at usc

USC Trojans used to be one of US best college football teams. Sadly picking the wrong coach made us loose almost ever game an entire season. Since usc very publically fired the coach at the airport and left him there the Trojans are now finally winning again. It all escalated when we won against Stanford. After winning people stormed the stadium and I could hear the winning roar all the way to my apartment!

This is how that looked!

Being in a sorority means waking up early to tailgate. that means putting on game day cloths and join your fellow Trojans to eat, drink and socialize.

This is me and my friend at Berkeley college when usc played against Berkeley. We won!

This is me and my other friend at a one of the first games this season. We usually wear skirts that has our sorority name on it.



This weekend we are playing against UCLA, which is always interesting because of the rivalry between our school. Cross your fingers for USC winning!!

Fraternities and events

Hey you guys! How’s your weekend been? I just finished a very busy schedule, there has been events going on since Wednesday now and it good that it’s finally Sunday:)

This is from halloween.

Wednesdays are study days at delta gamma. Afterwards it is usually wine Wednesdays where a fraternity throws a small get together where they serve wine. Me and my friends usually throw our own little winewedensdays before we meet up with the guys:

Then Thursday after having dinner with my business class we went to a beer Olympics where another fraternity throw a drinking Olympics where each team represent a country, and serve stereotypical drinks from that country. Most events at college are themed as it makes people a little more excited about the event.
On Friday another fraternity threw a themed party called frost where everyone dress up in white and silver outfits. The whole event is very beautiful and is one of the most famous events thrown at usc:) I wasn’t there because I was in Santa Barbara so I don’t have any pictures to show you :(
On Saturday fraternity ATO had their annual Christmas party where everyone is dressed as Santa and they have decorated their house as winter wonderland.




Joining a sorority

Hey guys! For those of you who follow me on Instagram you have probably noticed all the pictures of me doing this weird pose with a bunch of girls.. Well basically I joined a sorority. My sorority is called Delta Gamma and for those who are legally blond fans I can tell you that the sorority in the movie is based of ours.

I went through a whole week of something called rush where we visited all the 11 sororities that are at USC. For three days we visited all the houses, 3 or 4 houses each day. On the fourth day we put down 7 of the houses we liked and then if all of those 7 houses liked you to you were invited back for house tour with them. On the 5th day you choose 4 sororities which if they liked you invites back to see a slide show or performance they have made for you to see. Then on the 6th you choose 2 houses that you liked the most out of those 4. This time they perform speeches and sing to you. I remember loving Delta Gamma so much and being so nervous when I went to their house.
Then later that day we have the Run. That is when you get your bid card which is a note saying which house you got into. I put Delta Gamma as my first and was therefore incredible happy when their name was on my card. When you read your card you run from the campus at the school to the Row. The row is where all the sorority and fraternity are. All the guys from the fraternities are out on he street to cheer for the girls as they run to their new sororities. It is such an amazing feeling to run to your new sisters and friends that have specifically chosen you because of who you are and how well they think you will fit in.

I am now in a house with 250 amazing girls that each and everyone contribute with their unique personality to make this sorority special. Delta Gammas symbol is the anchor and therefore we so the classic anchor pose on our pictures.
So now you know!