Sorority Initiation

On Sunday and Monday we had the initiation of our new sorority members. Because I cant tell you how our sorority initiation process is, I am gonna make up a similar stories based of how I have heard other sororities and fraternities does it.

Disclaimer: This is all fiction.

On sunday night all new members are told to close their eyes and have them remained close until we tell them to open them. While their eyes are closed we hold their hands and guide them onto a waiting bus that takes them to a silent location away from the university. Surrounded by dark we hold the girls hands and make sure their eyes remain closed until we get to the location.

TI1Arriving at the location the girls are taken off the bus and guided into a garden and then told to sit down on the ground. When we tell them to open their eyes all the old members of the sorority stand in front of them holding candles singing our secret song. We read old writings from the founding sisters of the sorority back in the end of 1800.

tumblr_lwdeppOxaK1qjodxzThen each new members is given a stone scripted with our sorority letters. they are told to hold onto it until the continued ceremony the next day.

The next days the sorority house is closed off from new members. They have to come at 4 pm and stand outside until we come and get them. Windows are closed off and lights shut off so the whole house is complete dark except from the few candles burning. We are dressed in greek like costumes, wearing no make up and have our hair put in simple buns. Signifying the purity of our chapter.

screen-shot-2011-11-25-at-18-49-21When the girls are let in we all remain silent guiding them to a room where they are told to dress in similar dresses as us. When dress they receive a headpiece that is tied to their head in a way that indicate that they are not yet initiated. We also were our headpiece, but in a way indicating that we are initiated.

We take each girl to the ceremony room. Tell them to close their eyes while we silently sit behind them. Once they open their eyes the lights are out except the candels held by our officers and president. The president reads from the book the importance of our chapter, while we all sing songs in greek.

Sorority-InitiationThen each new members stand up and recieve her words of recognition and are given the biggest secret of our chapter and the meaning of it. Before one of the officers position their had indicated that they have now become initiated members of our chapters.

Disclaimer: this is all fiction.


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