What should I pack for LA?

So many of you ask me what you should pack for a semester in LA so I decided to make a separate page for it.

Glitter and Glamour:

People from LA love everything that sparkels so a dress covered with sequins (paljetter), stones and glitter is perfect!

Colorful dresses is huge in LA! Of course since the sun is always shining the cloth reflect the fun and summerly mood of the city.

Scandinavians loves their leather jackets and if you really wanna spot a scandinavian you dont look for the blond hair but white converse and leather jackets! For school, interviews or a night out bring a nice jacket like this one from BCBG MAXIMARA. LA is sunny so remember to bring shorts and skirts in every shape and color.Also bring sweaters that are light so you wont die of a heatstroke while touring around in Hollywood.
Remember to bring those simple basic sweaters that you can easily get at H&M and Cubus. Also simple white and black tops should go in your bag.
LA does get cold during the winter. I made the big mistake for my first semester to not bring warm cloth! During winter it can get as low as 6 Celsius, and it can sometimes snow too, so please bring some warm cloth.

And lets not forget the colorful, sequin sparkling things that LA people love.For pants bring one pair of dark jeans (slim is popular), white or beige pants, nice dress pants (for interviews) and a fun pair like the one to the right. Shoes, bring:

boots, sandels, joggingshoes, balerina shoes, high heels and…a pair of what I would call party heels. Clubs in LA in like parties you attended while you were 14… it can go a bit crazy.There are some very nice hikes in LA so bring your jogging shoes

For school and just a simple walk I wear moccasins. Not very LA style, but they are comfortable.

This year I will bring with me my black warm coat. I dont want to freeze to death while walking home from school after a night class.

And of course remember the bikini.What not to bring or optional:

Branded cloth like these and the preppy is not that common, still they could be good for the more chilly winters.

no real fur please. There is a lot of animal rights activists in LA so leave the fur at home.

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thoughts of a senior

Its here: Your final year. You are now a senior. You have been praying for this day to come Graduatewhile you struggled yourself through endless midterms, all-nighters, group projects from hell, and finals, and now its finally here. But you no longer want this day to come.

The day you realize that your life cant evolve around costume parties, beer-pong, game days, and taking 6 shots and staying up all night to see if you can get your crush to actually notice you. This is the day when you have to begin figuring out your life.

Just a year ago, it all seamed so far away. But now your college goodbye is waiting at your doorsteps. Soon post-college life will come knocking, and hopefully it wont completely knock you down.

These last four years of your life has broken your heart, served you C´s on your tests, made you gain 10 pounds, had you fight with you best friends, (as a member of sorority: given you lots of social probations..), thrown up your last shot of fireball and the domino you just ate. These years have had you tumble and fall, but it has also made you rise each and every time.

You have learned that when you heart is broken nothing can cure it like a hug from a friend (or a few drinks and texts from your other crush). That professors are people and that they want you to succeed, and that the C´s you get can with a lot of hard work turn into A´s. The pounds you gained may have made you more self conscious, but lets be real no one wants to look like a stick skinny freshman either, so I am sure you look way better with those pounds on (otherwise there is always the gym and low carb). And your best-friend will forgive you: Cause you are best-friends and its gonna come a day when she is gonna want you to forgive her to. For the throw up and Dominos: you just have to learn that the last shot you get is always a waste of money .. and so is Dominos 2 am..

We stumble and we fall and look forward to the day we suddenly are gonna turn into sophisticated individuals who loves drinking wine and go to art shows, but when senior year suddenly approaches: We realize its happening too soon. We wanna continue having Dominos at 2 am.

People dont one day wake up and realize they are adult human beings that now has to pay bills other than college tuition, its a process. We slowly grow into these people, and we do it through those epic nights out and the falls we have in life. Each time we fall and college life knocks us down, we had the courage to get up and grow up from it so that we hopefully dont repeat the same mistakes (if not we make the same stupid mistake until we DO learn).

Learning is growing, and throughout your life you are gonna learn and therefore you are gonna grow. If you managed to stand up after a night of endless stupidity and broken hearts, then you can manage to stand up and face adult life each day for the rest of your life.

So when post graduation and adult life do come knocking just know that you are gonna be ready, not because you have done it before, but because college taught you endless times to get up and fight for yourself, your friends, your grades, and your dreams. Believe me: you are more prepared than you think.

If not, then Dominos is always there.

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