Best Memories of LA

I have written a similar post before but Ill do it again!


1375824_10201078798545446_796449144_nRush or recruitment is when guys and girls go through the week-long process of joining a sorority or fraternity. As a international student all I knew about rush was from the movies or TV shows like Greek and such. In real life It was kinda similar, it was equally as scary and intimidating and despite promising myself to not get really involved I ended up crying when I got the house that I wanted Delta Gamma. The entire nerve wreaking process and getting my bid was one of the best memories from LA.

Paul Orfaelas class:

Paul Orfaela is a professor at USC, but also the multi billionaire creator of Kinkos (coopying store in US). I has a class at USC that is extremely difficult to get into, and you have to apply for it and write an essay. I got in as every thuresday for an entire semester we ate dinner at one of the nice restaurants on campus. A dinner he paid for while we discussed current events and news. At the end of the semester he invites his students to his country club in santa barbara.


1554527_10152371451455242_8442500854697717908_nIt was a MESS. I had no tickets and snuck in two days for 80 dollars a day. Sketchy as f*** and I am for sure being tickets next year! But we had soo much fun!


The ultimate college destination! I have no words.. Ill give you pictures.

1157451_10201050311414929_255029396_n 1377246_10153971645100249_1897664_n 1896923_10153931852580626_1208583545_n 10015644_10153905666645212_489085917_nMore to come!

Moving back home?


December 12 I am moving back home. I should I say I am moving away from home. I have spent the last 3,5 years in Los Angeles. Its been ups and downs with crazy roommates, difficult classes, busy schedule, best friends, nice restaurants, great partylife, and tons of fun.

I have created a life for myself here and moving back to Norway in the middle of the winter is going to be an extreme contrast to what I am used to here.

I have been waking up in the middle of the night, unable to fall back into sleep, just thinking about whats going to happen when I graduate. I thought I would never move back. But now I am. And its scaring the shit out of me.

Delta Gamma Exchange

Sorry for being a little low on the posting recently but college tried to kill me by drowning me in midterms. I have had 4 papers, 1 quiz, one presentation and one reading summary due these last three days. I even logged out of facebook!

Anyways, here are some picture from the exchange we had with Sigma Chi. I was dressed as Minnie Mouse since the theme was Dream Job and I wanted to work for Disney.


The most fun with these events is that noone ever goes as their dream job, but just make up random stuff. One of the girls was Santa, one was homeless, others were wizards and a lot of guys where basketball players..PhotoEditorGen-1

When we have events like this we rent a busses to take us to a bar or club that we have rented.

PhotoEditorGen-5 PhotoEditorGen-2 PhotoEditorGen-3 PhotoEditorGen-4

Its always so much fun!


Cabo by night.. is maybe not equally as fun as Mango Deck during the day, BUT it can be fun if you are ready to drink questionable shots, dance with drunk teenagers, fight with taxi drivers, hook up with randoms and stand hours in line to actually get your shots..


I recommend buying JustColleges pass for 100 dollars so that you get to cut the lines at the clubs.


The place to be is Squid Row, but go to Mandala next door and use your JustColleges drink tickets to avoid stading hours in line at squid row (Seriously that place has 5 bars or so but the line is never ending) OR bring a flask!


Squid Row is fun, but you do a lot of walking around. Try getting one of those balconys that you see in the picture above. It allows you to dance with your friends without having creeper guys come up to you and try to seduce you with their horrible dancemoves (seriously Americans.. Grinding is not dancing..).


Remember to have tone of fun with your friends. Cabo go by sooo quickly and when you get back you will sit on facebook for three days straight checking everyones cabo albums and openly wish you were there.


Check out the Nowhere bar too! Fun place with crazy songs. I went a little insane with my moves when California girls came on..



Trumpsta Music Video in the Making

1901901_10152590969423916_1994736291_n 1601084_10152590968618916_2087767643_n 1601539_10152590967963916_1645827502_n 1795778_10152590969598916_401518354_n 1901901_10152590969423916_1994736291_n 1800255_10152590970708916_621381638_n-1 1901980_10152590971093916_1911426149_n 1964881_10152640987333916_2047423171_n

During the whole time we were sober and to be honest partying while sober is kinda hard and I felt awkward the entire time.. Regardless of that, It was still so much fun! I got to meet an amazing production team and some amazing girls!

Also I chose to be in the video cause it was my friend who produced it and because the team making it was professional, and because the team of the movie was funny, and also because I explicitly told I would only be in the video if I dident have to be in a bikini.. I just wanna point that out!1899905_10152590977773916_833594059_nnon of these pictures are mine. They are all from Max Bards album.

Disneyland with the sorority

Hey guys! So this last Monday we had a sisterhood event at Disneyland! Busses picked us up outside of delta gamma and drove us to Disneyland where we had soo much fun! I bet I was as excited as all the other kids there! Here’s some pictures for you to enjoy:














It was such a fun day!! Who does not become a kid when they enter the happiest place on earth??

Spørsmål: Drink i Cali


Bare ett random spm..
Hvor mye betaler man sånn ca for en drink i California?
Vet at det kan variere veldig, men sånn ca pris (på feks Sex on the beach og så der) på en helt vanlig bar, og ikke luksus:)
Tenkte jeg skulle ta en tur, finner bare ikke ut av cocktail prisene, må planlegge skikkelig vett:)

Jeg må dessverre skuffe deg og si at california ikke er noe partycruise på Aya Napa så blir dårlig med Sex on the Beach. Derimot så kan man få øl, vin, shots, Champagne de fleste stedene og vodka redbul og slike enkle drinker. Jeg vet faktisk ikke hva en drink koster for jeg har aldri betalt for drikke her selv. Som jente går man ut med promoters som sørger for gratis drikke. Eneste jeg vet er at en flaske vin på butikken koster alt fra 4 dollar og oppover. På barer henger jeg svært sjeden, men er da som oftest i selskap med venner som spanderer. Som jente I LA er utelivet en luksus siden amerikanske menn ser på det som en selvfølge og privilegium at de skal få betale. De liker å vise at de har penger og det gjør det ved å spandere på sine kvinnlige venner, uansett hvor kvalmt det høres ut for oss nordmenn. Jeg kjøpte et glass vin på Chataue Marmont i west hollywood, der kostet det 12 dollar, så altså norske priser der.

Lykke til med planleggingen.