Why did I really move to the states?

I dont know. What made me wanna move all the way from little Norway to California to study? To be honest, it could have been NYC or Miami which was other places I was looking at. But I choose California cause my Brazilian friend Diego told me California was the ultimate college state. It was as simple as that.

But why USC? I came here when I was 16 to watch a USC football game and I remember driving pass the university and the row (the street where the fraternities and sororities are located) and it looked just like the movies. The college spirit was so visible that it gave me goosebumps and I got that insticitve feeling inside me telling me that this was right.

10155575_10152336945359605_1980129340386378334_nBut couldnt I just have stayed in Norway and gotten an education there? I was tired. Tired of cold winters, a life that was just always the same, and I honestly felt a bit different from everyone else. Everyone wanted to become lawyers and psychologists, and I choose something completely different like Communication and entrepenourship.

I needed something new in my life, and I also had an urging feeling of wanting to escape a bit of the past.

When you have had the same friends for several years it becomes difficult to change because they already have you in this tiny little box, which makes changing hard cause it will disrupt their image of you. But I felt the need to meet new people to discover myself again.


Did it help? Yes. I did find new sides to myself. By traveling and moving here I have discovered that I am honest at heart, loyal, trustworthy, nice as a person, have a big and open heart, is an excelent small talker, can recognize peoples faces easily, that I am smart (honestly I spent almost 13 years of my life thinking I was stupid cause I am terrible with math and couldnt learn to read before I was 7.. )I also discovered that I am very unpatient and that my sarcasm is not a universal type of humor.

Traveling has allowed me to rediscover myself. It has let me see myself through the eyes of another culture, I have grown strong principles that I try my best to always stand by. It has made me better, and also made me into a more complete human being. Moving to the states has allowed me to grow and opened my eyes and soul. And that is the reason why I moved to the states: Cause I wanted to spire and grow.



I know. Its been a while now. again. Im sorry. again.I had my finals and then on the May 16th I went back to Norway to celebrate 17 of may with my friends. The day before I left I had my interview with a marketing company about a summer job and I got it the day I left LA. I started May 18th and the rest of the summer just went by in a “swusj”. Three months went by like nothing, but still it left me soo changed that coming back to LA and USC was hard.I have my dreams, but I have changed, and so must my dreams too.

Coming to LA was my dream, and going to USC was the biggest of them all. I have seen, experienced, and met so many people that I am incredibly thankful for, and I always imaged myself spending the rest of my life in this city. But I have changed.

I came back to Norway still feeling like that 19 year old girl I was when I left, but after this summer I think I have become 10 years older. I broke a couple of records, won a summer competition, had a team of people working for me, and basically worked my ass off 24/7 this entire summer. And while I was doing it I discovered that I was amazingly good at it and that it was something I LOVED doing.

Norway was that icecold boring country that I thought I would never go back to. There was nothing in Norway I felt was worth coming back for, but now I have realized that deep inside of me there is a girl who is still Norwegian by heart, and what it took for me to realize it was an intense job who pushed me, and also showed me that there was something in Norway worth going back to.


SO dear Norway. Im coming home.


Cabo by night.. is maybe not equally as fun as Mango Deck during the day, BUT it can be fun if you are ready to drink questionable shots, dance with drunk teenagers, fight with taxi drivers, hook up with randoms and stand hours in line to actually get your shots..


I recommend buying JustColleges pass for 100 dollars so that you get to cut the lines at the clubs.


The place to be is Squid Row, but go to Mandala next door and use your JustColleges drink tickets to avoid stading hours in line at squid row (Seriously that place has 5 bars or so but the line is never ending) OR bring a flask!


Squid Row is fun, but you do a lot of walking around. Try getting one of those balconys that you see in the picture above. It allows you to dance with your friends without having creeper guys come up to you and try to seduce you with their horrible dancemoves (seriously Americans.. Grinding is not dancing..).


Remember to have tone of fun with your friends. Cabo go by sooo quickly and when you get back you will sit on facebook for three days straight checking everyones cabo albums and openly wish you were there.


Check out the Nowhere bar too! Fun place with crazy songs. I went a little insane with my moves when California girls came on..



Mango Deck CABO

Hey my dearest!

So here are some more updates on all the fun I had in Cabo! Ill try to explain specifics a little better.

1896923_10153931852580626_1208583545_n 1377246_10153971645100249_1897664_n

The place to be during the day is Mango Deck. A huge day bar at the beach. It has about 4 different bar areas and the line is equally long everywhere.. (buy your drinks at the other bar two bars down.. Cheaper and sometimes they have 10 for 10$ shots.)


Other things to do than stand in line waiting to use either your bankcard or you JustColleges drink tickets, is to mingle with the same people you see at your college every Thuresday night, but this time you are in cabo AND thats TOTALLY different..


But seriously, this is so much fun actually! Have a few shots, build a sand castle, cover a innocent/passed out person with sand and take a picture, have a water fight in the ocean, buy a henna tatoo or try to get the cheapest headband from one of the sellers that constantly push their products in your face, and try to have as much fun the few days you are there!

1908257_10153971618590249_1019476808_n 988437_10153971644060249_243845696_n


Back from Cabo

I have had THE most amazing time in Cabo and I am having some serious withdraws from it. It was just so warm and sunny all day long, even in the night.

We always started at Nikki Beach at the ME where all my friends were staying, then we would make our way to Mango Deck which is this crazy fun day club where everyone hangs out.

After Mango deck I would recommend to ALWAYS nap before you go out. If you live in LA like me and are use to the clubs closing at 2, then you should be preparing for going out until 6 am..

Places to go in the night: Mandala, The Nowhere Bar and Squid Row (worst trashy fun place ever).

I would recommend looking into JustColleges deals if you decide to ever to go Cabo for Springbreak. You pay a certain price for getting free drinks and a wristband that gets you infront of the line every day! And also 25% of meals and stuff, cause Cabo is NOT cheap (except from cabs).

It was amazing and Ill tell you more about it, but here are some pictures!

1620562_10153931852595626_1433811112_n 604068_10203745514224864_1866224347_n 1896923_10153931852580626_1208583545_n 983578_10201050312534957_468212898_n 1377246_10153971645100249_1897664_n




Struggles of a International Student

I just have to point out this hilarious article on buzzfeed!

I recognize myself in so many of them! Seriously I have been drinking for years and now you are telling me I cant drink legally anymore?? And the constant search of a green card husband and always asking friends “Can I get deported for this?”… its a struggle being international student and you would think I would end after a few years, but believe me the struggle continues…


My British friend Eve and me

Heres my list of struggles:

Paperworkssss..: Seriously.. is all these documents necessary? Do I really need a 120, a visa, fill out hundreds of documents disclaiming my right to my own life.. also you want me to get an apartment and a car.. but you wont give me a social security number?..

Identification: In Norway we have our ids on the back of over debit card (in the us, our debit card suddenly turns into a credit card of mysterious reasons..), so wherever we go we dont have an id. Therefore my solution have been taking my passport our every time I wanna go to our local college bar.. or even get a money order at CVS (a piece of value paper international students pay their rent and sorority with).

Checks: Like.. what the hell is this? A third world country? who uses checks anymore? It was so confusing the first time I had to pay my apartment rent with a check. I think Europe stopped using those in the 80s..


Getting my green card guys! .. no I am not; just have presents at my sorority

Distances: “omg. its soo far”.. no its just your LAZY LA legs that dont like to put one foot infront of the other and MOVE. A walk thats longer than 5 minutes is considered a hike, and the car is considered the only method of transportation. Stairs are also unheard off, and in my apartment complex I see people take the elevator down 1 floor to go to the gym (this is not normal guys.. heard about leg day?)

Food: No it is not normal to have desserts or something sweet after dinner every day.. (okay I know they do this other places than Europe, but in the rural country of Norway, sugar was considered luxury during WW2 and a lot of our grandparents/parents grew up believing chocolate war only meant for Saturdays)

Also the food size is just ridiculous. I actually tossed out my dinner plates here cause they were seriously bigger than my head.


Being a international student has its perks and its downsides, and I always run into funny and awkward situations where the most ordinary things for americans just sound so weird to me. The other day I noticed accustomed I had gotten to americans pregame: 6 shots in 30 min before you go out, compared to a bottle of wine during a 4 hours long pregame in Europe.

Its an adjustment, but its a fun one, even tho it can be quit frustrating at times.

Good luck guys.. you will need it!






Tips for utenlandsstudenter

1: Prisforskjeller: Som nordmann lever du ganske bra i andre land fordi alt er så dyrt i Norge i forhold. Derfor blir de 200 kr på en taxi-tur inn til byen regnet som billig, inntil du faktisk tar en titt på kontoen din og oppdager at den ENE taxituren er blitt til 20 og den sammenslåtte prisen en helt annen.

Det er så veldig lett å tro man kan leve som kongelig fordi man plutselig er i utlandet, men husk at du fortsatt har et lån og stipend å forholde deg til og at du som utlandsstudent bare får utbetalt EN gang i halvåret. Tell meteren på dopapiret, handle på salg og undersøk hvor du får billigst mat. Det tar tid å venne seg til en annen pris på en livsstil så ikke la deg lure.

2: Facebook: Meld deg inn i grupper relatert til skolen din. På denne måten kan du bli kjent med eller bare se hvem du faktisk skal gå på skole med. Det er også lettere å finne noen å bo med på denne måten.


3: Sånn som på film: jeg tror det er lett å tenke at college eller universitet skal bli slik vi har sett på film og tv. Og det første som kommer til å slå deg er at alle ser betraktelig ynger ut enn på tv. I usa er de bare 18 når de begynner på college, du som nordmann er 19 eller 20 og kulturelt mye mer voksen enn de du begynner på skole med. Dette kommer av en annen kultur rett og slett. Grøftefylla som du holdt på med på ungdomsskolen og videregående er standard første året på college, og mange unge prøver alkohol for første gang.

Men selv om de kanskje ikke er HELT slik du så for deg så vil du oppdage at når du er ferdig med skolen og ting faktisk var ganske likt sånn som på TV.. Etter å ha snublet deg gjennom en fireårig amerikansk bachelor vil du oppdage at du plutselig har blitt del av en college kultur, en liten boble som beskytter deg mot omverdenen og når du står der med graduation hatten på hodet og diplomet i hånden vil du plutselig se ting litt annerledes. Du skjønner det når du står der 😉

4: Ta deg tid: Som nevnt over så vil du plutselig en dag stå på gradution podiet og høre navnet ditt bli lest opp for avgangsklassen din. Du har gledet deg til denne dagen gjennom alle de fire årene, men så er du plutselig der. Det heter seg at det ikke er destinasjonen som er målet med reisen, det er det du opplever frem til du når det. Ta deg tid og nyt den studietiden du har nå. Det haster ikke å vokse opp, karakterer betyr ikke all verden og du kommer til å angre hvis de eneste minnene du kan mimre om er de mangfoldige timene du tilbragte innerst inne i kroken på biblioteket. Du kommer i mål en gang, men frem til da så haster det ikke.

5: tid til skole også: Selv om du skal nyte studietiden så må også studier passe inn. Det er ingen nytelse å stryke på eksamen, eller få en dårlig karakter så finn et balansepunkt der du får til begge deler.

Lykke til


My favorite places in LA


La Conversation in West Hollywood: After a long night out there is nothing better than spending the morning eating an salmon Philadelphia omelet with an Americano at La Conversation. It looks like a little Parisian café with rude and unorganized waiters that forgets your order and barley speaks English: Its my little Paris in LA. While you are waiting for the food that takes forever (seriously, 40 min for an omelet?) you can enjoy the mini croissants, mini muffins and buns in cute little baskets. Terrible service, amazing food, great location and calm environment: Success!

Café Audrey in Hollywood: Amazing salads, ice coffees and bakeries. Eaten here a few times at its so nice and cozy and the coffee tastes more European than the regular too sweet American starbucks latte. It has great food, environment and service, however the location in the middle of Hollywood is not exactly ideal.

XIV: Its the perfect place to spend your Sunday if you are not ready for Monday. Its a summer party club that spurs hysteria every time it opens. Lots of champagne, costume events, and good music.

Villa Blanca in Beverly Hills: To work here you have to be a model.. and to get a table you should always reserve. Its a great restaurant with beautiful waiters, good food and amazing white overindulged interior.

Four Seasons Rodeo Dr: I love this hotel! It has a very posh atmosphere but the service is good. Enjoy a drink at the many bars or eat dinner in their nice restaurant. If you are lucky you might get invited into one of the weddings being held at the huge ballroom there.

1 week until Paris


I have found an apartment, I started packing, I have talked to hundreds of roommates, I have booked my flight, wow its getting close now!

Cant believe I am moving soon, I am getting all butterflies in my stomach! The only thing I am a little nervous about is my roommate. I have spoken to so many and its kinda hard to find that ONE person to “click” with. Sometimes thats a luxery you cant always afford, however I am trying. Found a very sweet girl now so I hope everything works out.

and omg! I have found THE perfect apartment or Chambres de bonne as the french call it. Its like a maids room on the 7th floor (no elevator: excerise). Its in 7eme, it has view over the Eiffel tour, a tiny kitchen and two bedrooms, all in 280 ft2 or 25 m2: its perfect!


Best memories in LA so far part 1

I cant believe I almost only have ONE year left in this amazing city! Here are my most memorable moments in LA. (not in any particular order)


1: Meeting Lana Del Rey: Omg what can I say! This girl is amazing. I was eating dinner at Chateau Marmont with a friend of mine when he takes my hand and guides me over to another table and puts me down on a chair. There, right across the table sat the magnificent Lana Del Rey. I dident know what to say so I just blurted out: “Everyone in Norway loves you!” We started talking about her tour in Europe and that she was going to play on “this island in Norway” (Hove) that summer. She was super sweet and her voice sweet and soft just as in her songs. 

2: First trip to Vegas: It was my first LA moment. This was when I discovered the endless possibilities in this city. We got a FREE trip to vegas, and was picked up in a this huge car and driven to Vegas by a driver. We stayed at Encore and went to XS in the evening. Amazing. 


3: Meeting Nicholas Berggruen. What a man! What a inspiration. He is made of money, but realized that money dosent make you happy, so he sold everything he had. Kept his G6 and now he travels the world wanting to help california and the US solving its economical problems. He is a inspiration! I ate dinner with him every friday together with friends and other “high” people in LA discussing politics and economy for about 4 months. He is like a grown version of Peter Pan!


4: Insulted the director of Moneyball, Bennet Miller. Was eating dinner with Nicholas when I started talking to the man next to me. A quit man who according to himself likes to analyse everything before engaging in it. I told him I dident like Moneyball and he asked me why. I told him I dident like the end. and He was like: yes, but he choose happiness over money! me: yeah, but still the end was kind of sad. Him: You know I am the director? …. hahaha!

5: Dating a celeb: Not mentioning his name! But I was an interesting time I gotta say. Dont think I am doing that again!