Why did I really move to the states?

I dont know. What made me wanna move all the way from little Norway to California to study? To be honest, it could have been NYC or Miami which was other places I was looking at. But I choose California cause my Brazilian friend Diego told me California was the ultimate college state. It was as simple as that.

But why USC? I came here when I was 16 to watch a USC football game and I remember driving pass the university and the row (the street where the fraternities and sororities are located) and it looked just like the movies. The college spirit was so visible that it gave me goosebumps and I got that insticitve feeling inside me telling me that this was right.

10155575_10152336945359605_1980129340386378334_nBut couldnt I just have stayed in Norway and gotten an education there? I was tired. Tired of cold winters, a life that was just always the same, and I honestly felt a bit different from everyone else. Everyone wanted to become lawyers and psychologists, and I choose something completely different like Communication and entrepenourship.

I needed something new in my life, and I also had an urging feeling of wanting to escape a bit of the past.

When you have had the same friends for several years it becomes difficult to change because they already have you in this tiny little box, which makes changing hard cause it will disrupt their image of you. But I felt the need to meet new people to discover myself again.


Did it help? Yes. I did find new sides to myself. By traveling and moving here I have discovered that I am honest at heart, loyal, trustworthy, nice as a person, have a big and open heart, is an excelent small talker, can recognize peoples faces easily, that I am smart (honestly I spent almost 13 years of my life thinking I was stupid cause I am terrible with math and couldnt learn to read before I was 7.. )I also discovered that I am very unpatient and that my sarcasm is not a universal type of humor.

Traveling has allowed me to rediscover myself. It has let me see myself through the eyes of another culture, I have grown strong principles that I try my best to always stand by. It has made me better, and also made me into a more complete human being. Moving to the states has allowed me to grow and opened my eyes and soul. And that is the reason why I moved to the states: Cause I wanted to spire and grow.


What 2013 taught me

Jardin I love those end of the year lists everyone makes. Its a fun way to remember the year that has gone by and also see if there was any valuable lessons that I can take with me into the new year.

1: Try to live in a different city: Of course I am talking about this summer when I lived in Paris! Despite seriously having some of the worst moments in my life while I was there, I still met some amazing people that I still keep in touch with, and I seriously learned that idea of not caring too much about school.  A grade freak like me would before Paris have cried myself to sleep over a bad grade, but in Paris I learned that skipping the last 4 hours of class to sit at cafees with my friends were far more valuable than any grade! (I will make that lesson nr 2)

3: There is always a way: Gash I am back discussing Paris(france) again, BUT when I nearly missed my flight in Nice I did everything in my power to get on that plane, even though that meant hitchhiking with a complete stranger on the back of a motorcycle… When thing dosent go your way, you are obliged to do anything in your power to make it go your way. It is not over before the plane leaves the ground (literary).Antoniette

4: Beauty arises from chaos: I wrote an essay about hip hop and Blues and learned the connection that musical styles often grow out of social struggles. Blues from minstrel and slavery, and hip hop from the Bronx in the 70s. I think its an important message as life often fall down upon us and we sometimes struggle to see where our next step will be, and its therefore important to remember that better things can aspire out of the muddle we sometimes get our self into.

5: Sororities are OKAY! I taught I would be stuck with a bunch of airheads, but I ended up being stuck with 250 amazing, smart and successful women! Sororities have their stereotypes, and although a lot of them are confirmed I have kinda changed my view on the stereotypes. That smiling blond overly excited girl is now me and for all the right reasons as being part of a sorority has taught me about smiling, and appreciating things a bit more. And I seriously understand why they are all so excited because being part of a group makes the fun even more fun. its kinda like giggling over silly things with your best friend, but now you have 250 of them.

DG6: A smile can get you far, and not smiling saves you a lot energy..: A smile can brighten any day and I love walking into my sorority and always see somone smiling and asking how my day was. I also saw the importance of smiling when we visited an elderly center up in hollywood and one lady started crying because she just loved the christmas joy we spread (and the cookies). Smiles send so much love so remember to smile. On the other side not smiling keeps the freaks off you. gash some people cant take no for an answer, and therefore looking like a mad cow solves the issue as no one dares to approach you!

7: Learn to forgive…

8: College is possibly the best time of your life: this one speaks for itself, if not just google it.

1441287_652741371445359_411421617_n9: Take the opportunities you are given: I have really practiced the YES word this year. Said yes to a free trip to miami, free stay in cannes, yes to paris, yes to joining a sorority, yes to being a model at oslo fashion week, yes to new friends, yes to vegas, yes to free stay in SF, sooo much yes

10: have fun. Fridays are not meant for the library. Go out

11: be the person you want to be remembered as: being in college with so many young people it often happens that someone passes away at a too early age. I remember reading about one usc student who died tragically in Cabo last springbreak, and it struck me how such an amazing person he sounded like. He will definitely be remembered as a great guy. And off of that I think its important to remember that we dont live forever so therefore appreciate the moments we are given with people that you love and who loves you, and try to emphasize the good qualities within you so that people remember you as genuine good, (and not as a bitch to likes to control everyones life)

12: have a schedule that works for you. I like to sleep 12 hours every day.. and i therefore have a schedule that helps me with that.



Miami Summary

I had a lovely couple of days in Miami! Here are the highlights of my trip


ImageImageImageImageImageI had an amazing trip!

I stayed at the South Point Tower, which is where the view pictures are from. I ate at this restaurant that I cant find the name of again (perch, pearch something) they had amazing tunatacos and other seafood! If you know which resutrant please comment below. We also ate at the private local resturant at a mansion in downtown. I think you need an invite or know someone locally to eat there. The food was so good, and they served everything from meat to fish to vegan and wonderful deserts. 

For ice-cream or gelato, you have to go to this amazing place by south beach called Dolce Vita. I got coconut and yogurt and we all sat there for 20 min just enjoying out ice-cream without saying a word. It was AMAZING!

For clubs ehhh I dont know. Night life in Miami is from 11 pm to 5 am, and it usally starts at one club and moves to the next. Miller is a good place to start for a Thursday, or this other red colored bar we went to. Baoli was also good, great crowd and music! There was a lot of great clubs, but I honestly cant remember them all! 

Stay away from Nikki beach… its not like in France… just very tacky to be honest. 

South Beach Miami

Det er så inderlig vakkert her! Alt er rent og pent!

Everything is so beautiful here, clean and nice unlike LA…

Here are so pictures from the beach we went to the other day. Look at the palmstrees! I swear, we do not have palmtrees like that in LA.ImageImage