thoughts of a senior

Its here: Your final year. You are now a senior. You have been praying for this day to come Graduatewhile you struggled yourself through endless midterms, all-nighters, group projects from hell, and finals, and now its finally here. But you no longer want this day to come.

The day you realize that your life cant evolve around costume parties, beer-pong, game days, and taking 6 shots and staying up all night to see if you can get your crush to actually notice you. This is the day when you have to begin figuring out your life.

Just a year ago, it all seamed so far away. But now your college goodbye is waiting at your doorsteps. Soon post-college life will come knocking, and hopefully it wont completely knock you down.

These last four years of your life has broken your heart, served you C´s on your tests, made you gain 10 pounds, had you fight with you best friends, (as a member of sorority: given you lots of social probations..), thrown up your last shot of fireball and the domino you just ate. These years have had you tumble and fall, but it has also made you rise each and every time.

You have learned that when you heart is broken nothing can cure it like a hug from a friend (or a few drinks and texts from your other crush). That professors are people and that they want you to succeed, and that the C´s you get can with a lot of hard work turn into A´s. The pounds you gained may have made you more self conscious, but lets be real no one wants to look like a stick skinny freshman either, so I am sure you look way better with those pounds on (otherwise there is always the gym and low carb). And your best-friend will forgive you: Cause you are best-friends and its gonna come a day when she is gonna want you to forgive her to. For the throw up and Dominos: you just have to learn that the last shot you get is always a waste of money .. and so is Dominos 2 am..

We stumble and we fall and look forward to the day we suddenly are gonna turn into sophisticated individuals who loves drinking wine and go to art shows, but when senior year suddenly approaches: We realize its happening too soon. We wanna continue having Dominos at 2 am.

People dont one day wake up and realize they are adult human beings that now has to pay bills other than college tuition, its a process. We slowly grow into these people, and we do it through those epic nights out and the falls we have in life. Each time we fall and college life knocks us down, we had the courage to get up and grow up from it so that we hopefully dont repeat the same mistakes (if not we make the same stupid mistake until we DO learn).

Learning is growing, and throughout your life you are gonna learn and therefore you are gonna grow. If you managed to stand up after a night of endless stupidity and broken hearts, then you can manage to stand up and face adult life each day for the rest of your life.

So when post graduation and adult life do come knocking just know that you are gonna be ready, not because you have done it before, but because college taught you endless times to get up and fight for yourself, your friends, your grades, and your dreams. Believe me: you are more prepared than you think.

If not, then Dominos is always there.

3 ways to motivate yourself


Some might say I am the most motivated person they have ever met cause I always leave people with the impression that it go all in in every case. But I will share a secret with you:

I often struggle to motivate myself..

BUT I got a couple of tricks I use to get back on track when I feel like the world is going against me and I need to work harder.

1: What motivates you?

Ask yourself that question and write down the answer cause this will be the ONE answer to all your problems. My boss asked me this my first day, and I said: I hate losing so I always try to be the best. I am motivated my numbers, not money, so for me at work it was always being the best saleswoman, or winning competitions. If money motivates you, then GREAT! Make a plan to how you of how much you would like to earn within a week/month/year, and then look at how you can get there.

2: Who do you wanna be?

Everytime any competition was over or I reached a goal, I just felt unbelievably unmotivated. And I always striv to set new goals so I could work towards them, but meanwhile I always had a little “dip” in my results. But during a leadermeeting one of the CEO´s said: “Find out who you wanna be, and be that person everyday in everything you do”. I believe this is so true. If you wanna be the person who always wake up at 6 am every morning to work out, then be that person. Or if you see yourself as the person who is ALWAYS positiv, then ALWAYS be that person. Make that decision today, and stick with it.

3: Plan it & set goals:

Who are you and where do you wanna go in life. Do you wanna be the owner of a company then fantastic! Make a 5/10/20 years ahead plan, and then set deadlines for certain things and stages you need to reach in order to reach your main goal. I did this when I decided to study at USC. I wrote down USC as my goal within two years, and then put:

6 months: improve grades

1 year: volunteer/SAT

2 years: apply/visa/essay

That way I kept track of what I needed to do but also it made me see that I was getting closer every day.

Vegas Invite

I am sorry that I only post pictures from our sorority and fraternity events here at USC, but its always the events that I end up taking pictures as soo.

This last weekend we went to Vegas for USCs fraternity invites. I got invited almost two months ago by this random guy (lets call him Jack) over a text message. I had no idea who he was, but I met him a week later at another event and because he was really sweet I went along with the idea of going with him to Vegas.

Vegas for the fraternities happens once a year. Each of the 15 fraternities at USC take a date to Vegas where they cover everything from the hotel room to drinks for their dates. This is their most formal invite and something all sorority girls wish to go to (FREE TRIP TO VEGAS). Its kinda cute because the guys spend weeks trying to find the best date to go with cause they are gonna spend a lot of money and time on their date.

Here is a few pictures to get you guys excited for the rest of the story haha!

10006510_10152336945409605_1738039818709899397_n 10153022_10152336451334605_9040065348038430519_n 10155575_10152336945359605_1980129340386378334_n

Struggles of a International Student

I just have to point out this hilarious article on buzzfeed!

I recognize myself in so many of them! Seriously I have been drinking for years and now you are telling me I cant drink legally anymore?? And the constant search of a green card husband and always asking friends “Can I get deported for this?”… its a struggle being international student and you would think I would end after a few years, but believe me the struggle continues…


My British friend Eve and me

Heres my list of struggles:

Paperworkssss..: Seriously.. is all these documents necessary? Do I really need a 120, a visa, fill out hundreds of documents disclaiming my right to my own life.. also you want me to get an apartment and a car.. but you wont give me a social security number?..

Identification: In Norway we have our ids on the back of over debit card (in the us, our debit card suddenly turns into a credit card of mysterious reasons..), so wherever we go we dont have an id. Therefore my solution have been taking my passport our every time I wanna go to our local college bar.. or even get a money order at CVS (a piece of value paper international students pay their rent and sorority with).

Checks: Like.. what the hell is this? A third world country? who uses checks anymore? It was so confusing the first time I had to pay my apartment rent with a check. I think Europe stopped using those in the 80s..


Getting my green card guys! .. no I am not; just have presents at my sorority

Distances: “omg. its soo far”.. no its just your LAZY LA legs that dont like to put one foot infront of the other and MOVE. A walk thats longer than 5 minutes is considered a hike, and the car is considered the only method of transportation. Stairs are also unheard off, and in my apartment complex I see people take the elevator down 1 floor to go to the gym (this is not normal guys.. heard about leg day?)

Food: No it is not normal to have desserts or something sweet after dinner every day.. (okay I know they do this other places than Europe, but in the rural country of Norway, sugar was considered luxury during WW2 and a lot of our grandparents/parents grew up believing chocolate war only meant for Saturdays)

Also the food size is just ridiculous. I actually tossed out my dinner plates here cause they were seriously bigger than my head.


Being a international student has its perks and its downsides, and I always run into funny and awkward situations where the most ordinary things for americans just sound so weird to me. The other day I noticed accustomed I had gotten to americans pregame: 6 shots in 30 min before you go out, compared to a bottle of wine during a 4 hours long pregame in Europe.

Its an adjustment, but its a fun one, even tho it can be quit frustrating at times.

Good luck guys.. you will need it!






Free food at usc

Hey babes (as we say here in the us)

I am doing a little experiment on myself right now. Due to my current financial situation and wanting to save money I have decided to only eat food that the school offers for free. 

My PE teacher told me that last semester one of his students eat free food on campus everyday by joining different clubs, lectures and discussions that offered food. So I have decided to do the same. Three days into it I understand that it can actually be done.. if you eat whatever you can get..

On monday the gateway (students apartment) offered free donuts so I ended up eating eating donuts the whole day, together with free coffee, tea, cocoa and orange juice. It went surprisingly fine actually, despite feeling a little sick after three sugary donuts.

Yesterday was sandwiches at the same place! They offered every kinds: tuna, roastbeef, salami, chicken, vegan etc! Best day so far! 

Gatway again: Today on the other hand.. muffins… after two banana muffins and a blueberry I feel sick… and not even full. I feel as if my teeth as deteriorating and I have this awful headache (which might be because of the large amounts of coffee I am drinking to..). In addition, I actually missed a free lunch at the tutor hall, which pobably would be much better than these sugar palm oil  high-fructose xanthan muffin. 

tomorrow is granola bars according to the calendar .. which they just took down from the board.. (does that mean they are not serving anymore?)


Hungry student


How to survive a long distance flight

Before I would have told you that I love flying, but after moving to LA and therefore have to make at least 4 long distance flights each year I have come to the conclusion that I hate flying. But my new experience have also helped me to be better prepared:

here is what I pack with me and do during flights:

Flight Survial
1: despite an 11 hour flight from London/amsterdam/Paris people still like to open the window lides after the light in the cabin has been switched off. So bring a Sleepcover for your eyes. Earplugs also, because there will always be those who think that an 11 hour flight is the perfect place to start the vacation by drinking alcohol and chatting loudly. Washcloth: I use it to remove makeup and freshen up. It feels so nice to put cold water on your face after sitting in the dry plane air. Neckpillow: lifesaver! It looks ridicules, but its the best invention ever.
2: Sometimes you are lucky and other times you are not when it comes to plane food, but lets face it, it dosent really taste like anything. So bring a snack to eat in case the food gets too far below the standards of regular food.
3: Dress in layers, sometimes the plane is cold and other times its hot, therefor always dress both. Also always bring socks, it may sound stupid, but living in LA and often wearing sandales I have more than once forgot to put on or bring socks.. Plus, wearing socks can make you sleep better.
4: I know this is too much, but the plane air is so dry and always makes me break out. Bring a makeup remover and a facemask to clear your skin, and a eyecream and facial cream to keep it rehydrated. A BB cream is good since it provides coverage for your tired flight looking skin, plus hydration. Handcream and lipbalm is also necessary!
a bit extreme perhaps, but I hate flying and I always breakout after so these are the steps I have taken to survive.

the real meaning of life


Pics from the last year

middagpågesihahouse badeibassenmedringogggklær fromhalloween Ogderkomjegdanestenmed kospålureførsomemrferien onthebalconyattheboyshouseoverlookingla fDdHQX77 46242_10151329049120609_1148643522_n enjoyinglifeinLA smileleoghadetgøy Chris og VIC Kosvedbassengkanten Allejenteneersågladessååå TObadenymmfer blueeyesbaby badeibassenmedbaderingAllejenteneplussbassengdaaaaupinthehillssuroundedbyflyingguysandhelicopters thegirlbehindthesunglasses

I miss LA so bad…

I miss LA so bad, I need some sunshine and fun!


og så har jeg glemt ledningen til kamera da..

Ingen vits med camera når man ikke har ledningen til å overføre bildene, nå har dere klart dere uten et eneste innlegg de siste 3 månendene så tror dere klarer dere uten litt bilder også de neste 7 dagene.

Hva fikk alle til jul da? ble den årets store julegave på alle (Ipad)? det ble det hvertfall på meg gitt, pluss et logitech tastatur slik at jeg kan bruke ipaden på skolen og slipper å drasse med meg mac´en.



Bilde tatt fra før sommerferien

puss puss Chris