Moving back home?


December 12 I am moving back home. I should I say I am moving away from home. I have spent the last 3,5 years in Los Angeles. Its been ups and downs with crazy roommates, difficult classes, busy schedule, best friends, nice restaurants, great partylife, and tons of fun.

I have created a life for myself here and moving back to Norway in the middle of the winter is going to be an extreme contrast to what I am used to here.

I have been waking up in the middle of the night, unable to fall back into sleep, just thinking about whats going to happen when I graduate. I thought I would never move back. But now I am. And its scaring the shit out of me.

A day in my sorority life

I am trying to force myself to wake up at 8 every day and today was not easy guys.. I successfully made it out of my bunk bed 30 min after the alarm rang (which is guess is only relatively bad).


One of my friends were so kind to take this picture of me outside our sorority house. Our red door is famous and do you see the lantern hanging over it? its supposedly guides symbolize how lanterns would guide sailors to safe harbors. I think its cute!

IMG_4294The Coffee bean on our campus serve latte with sugar free almond milk!!


I know. Its been a while now. again. Im sorry. again.I had my finals and then on the May 16th I went back to Norway to celebrate 17 of may with my friends. The day before I left I had my interview with a marketing company about a summer job and I got it the day I left LA. I started May 18th and the rest of the summer just went by in a “swusj”. Three months went by like nothing, but still it left me soo changed that coming back to LA and USC was hard.I have my dreams, but I have changed, and so must my dreams too.

Coming to LA was my dream, and going to USC was the biggest of them all. I have seen, experienced, and met so many people that I am incredibly thankful for, and I always imaged myself spending the rest of my life in this city. But I have changed.

I came back to Norway still feeling like that 19 year old girl I was when I left, but after this summer I think I have become 10 years older. I broke a couple of records, won a summer competition, had a team of people working for me, and basically worked my ass off 24/7 this entire summer. And while I was doing it I discovered that I was amazingly good at it and that it was something I LOVED doing.

Norway was that icecold boring country that I thought I would never go back to. There was nothing in Norway I felt was worth coming back for, but now I have realized that deep inside of me there is a girl who is still Norwegian by heart, and what it took for me to realize it was an intense job who pushed me, and also showed me that there was something in Norway worth going back to.


SO dear Norway. Im coming home.

Moving Away From Your Friends

I wanna address how it is to move away from your friends at home cause I get a lot of email regarding it.


Yea, its hard. Especially in the beginning. During my first year I missed my friends so much I was talking to them almost every day, and if I was not doing that then I was telling my new friends in the States about my friends back at home. In other words: If I was not talking to them, I was talking about them.

However, even though I love all my friends back home, I can honestly say that I have lost contact with a lot of them. First of all I am a bad at keeping in touch with people Facebook stresses me out, especially in the beginning cause Norway is 9 hours ahead and I ended up having 24 hours of non stop communication with friends at home and friends here. It just became too much and I had to cut down. Secondly, I ran out of stuff to talk to them about. I would try to explain boy problems or school stuff to them, but for people who have never even visited me and seen how I live and what I do every day it becomes hard because they simply cant relate. Moreover, I cant relate to them anymore.

A big gap grows between you cause you never see eachother and because your life has become so different. But mostly the gap also comes from the fact that you are growing into different people. What we do, what we experience, and the people we meet influence us more than we think. I have never regretted moving to the states and I do really appreciate all the people I have met and made friends with cause I feel they have all made me into a better person. But having all these new experiences with places and people have made me grow, and thereby changed me. I am no longer the same person I was when I first moved here, and I cant expect my friends to be the same people either.

We change, and that is totally normal and okay, but because of it and the distance a gap grows between us. Relationships are built upon experiences. Those long nights chatting with your best friend during a slumber party, or that fun trip you guys had, and that “one time at bandcamp”.. All of those fun and close experiences you guys had binds you together and the glue becomes “oh! do you remember that one time..”. Its experiences you can relate to and talk about, but once you no longer have that the glue weakens and a gap begins to grow.

Its natural, and it will most likely happen. But you will meet new people that are equally as nice, fun, smart and amazing as your best friends back home. Dont ever forget your old friends and all the fun you had with them, but acknowledge the fact that moving abroad will forever change your relationships.




Struggles of a International Student

I just have to point out this hilarious article on buzzfeed!

I recognize myself in so many of them! Seriously I have been drinking for years and now you are telling me I cant drink legally anymore?? And the constant search of a green card husband and always asking friends “Can I get deported for this?”… its a struggle being international student and you would think I would end after a few years, but believe me the struggle continues…


My British friend Eve and me

Heres my list of struggles:

Paperworkssss..: Seriously.. is all these documents necessary? Do I really need a 120, a visa, fill out hundreds of documents disclaiming my right to my own life.. also you want me to get an apartment and a car.. but you wont give me a social security number?..

Identification: In Norway we have our ids on the back of over debit card (in the us, our debit card suddenly turns into a credit card of mysterious reasons..), so wherever we go we dont have an id. Therefore my solution have been taking my passport our every time I wanna go to our local college bar.. or even get a money order at CVS (a piece of value paper international students pay their rent and sorority with).

Checks: Like.. what the hell is this? A third world country? who uses checks anymore? It was so confusing the first time I had to pay my apartment rent with a check. I think Europe stopped using those in the 80s..


Getting my green card guys! .. no I am not; just have presents at my sorority

Distances: “omg. its soo far”.. no its just your LAZY LA legs that dont like to put one foot infront of the other and MOVE. A walk thats longer than 5 minutes is considered a hike, and the car is considered the only method of transportation. Stairs are also unheard off, and in my apartment complex I see people take the elevator down 1 floor to go to the gym (this is not normal guys.. heard about leg day?)

Food: No it is not normal to have desserts or something sweet after dinner every day.. (okay I know they do this other places than Europe, but in the rural country of Norway, sugar was considered luxury during WW2 and a lot of our grandparents/parents grew up believing chocolate war only meant for Saturdays)

Also the food size is just ridiculous. I actually tossed out my dinner plates here cause they were seriously bigger than my head.


Being a international student has its perks and its downsides, and I always run into funny and awkward situations where the most ordinary things for americans just sound so weird to me. The other day I noticed accustomed I had gotten to americans pregame: 6 shots in 30 min before you go out, compared to a bottle of wine during a 4 hours long pregame in Europe.

Its an adjustment, but its a fun one, even tho it can be quit frustrating at times.

Good luck guys.. you will need it!






Plans for 2014

Can you believe it’s 2014 already? I had just gotten used to 2013… 2013 was such an amazing year where I felt that many parts of my life finally fell into place. I moved in with my best friend, I spent the summer in France, I joined a sorority, met some amazing girls! Then ended the year in Vegas with a bottle of champagne in my hand surrounded by friends! Despite a breakout and living spring semester with a roommate from hell I believe 2013 was the best year in my life and I can’t wait for 2014 to start! Here are my plans for the new year:



I tried to think of more, but life is just great now as it is so nothing really special has to happend:)! Lots of kisses from Christine


Hey you! We finished homecoming week last week and it was EPIC! so much fun!

These picture is a bit reverse, but! We ended homecoming week with an Exchange with another fraternity. This year Delta Gamma had exchange with Lambda Chi. An exchange is basically one fraternity and one sorority going togehter and renting a club/resturant. We have buses to take us to the Venue and at the venue you get to mix, dance and chat with everyone. Its a great way for people to meet others since this is not like Invite, where you must take a date. Exchange is so much! And this one got a bit crazy for everyone I think..


Every Exchange has a theme. This events theme was pyjamas theme so we all dressed up in our morning robes and other sleepwear. 1441287_652741371445359_411421617_n 1459105_652741368112026_756812997_n

On monday Delta Gamma and Lambda new members was given the assignment to deocrate a “float”, or in this case: a golfcart.. Every team is given a theme. Ours was Under the Sea! And we actually won! DG and Lambda never win these things so we were very shocked.. 1395894_650852968300866_94029593_n 1395876_650852588300904_552269642_n

Here is the amazing team!

On the saturday after homecoming we had our game against Standford and we WON!! Best week at USC so far! Heres a picture from when everyone stormed the field in excitement!


I am moving to Paris

2013-03-10 18.45.06

For those who follow me on Instagram you already know this, but for those who dont: I am moving to Paris this summer.

I am attending Sciences Po in Paris to take a french language course to prepare for my masters which I hopefully will be taking in Paris. I am super excited!

2013-03-11 10.16.42

Classes start July 1st and goes on until the 27th. It is 76 hours a week (… more than a average working week) so this will be interesting and very intense, however, I hope I will learn some french and also be able to take a step into the Sciences Po system:)

Au Revoir,


Miami Summary

I had a lovely couple of days in Miami! Here are the highlights of my trip


ImageImageImageImageImageI had an amazing trip!

I stayed at the South Point Tower, which is where the view pictures are from. I ate at this restaurant that I cant find the name of again (perch, pearch something) they had amazing tunatacos and other seafood! If you know which resutrant please comment below. We also ate at the private local resturant at a mansion in downtown. I think you need an invite or know someone locally to eat there. The food was so good, and they served everything from meat to fish to vegan and wonderful deserts. 

For ice-cream or gelato, you have to go to this amazing place by south beach called Dolce Vita. I got coconut and yogurt and we all sat there for 20 min just enjoying out ice-cream without saying a word. It was AMAZING!

For clubs ehhh I dont know. Night life in Miami is from 11 pm to 5 am, and it usally starts at one club and moves to the next. Miller is a good place to start for a Thursday, or this other red colored bar we went to. Baoli was also good, great crowd and music! There was a lot of great clubs, but I honestly cant remember them all! 

Stay away from Nikki beach… its not like in France… just very tacky to be honest.