Why did I really move to the states?

I dont know. What made me wanna move all the way from little Norway to California to study? To be honest, it could have been NYC or Miami which was other places I was looking at. But I choose California cause my Brazilian friend Diego told me California was the ultimate college state. It was as simple as that.

But why USC? I came here when I was 16 to watch a USC football game and I remember driving pass the university and the row (the street where the fraternities and sororities are located) and it looked just like the movies. The college spirit was so visible that it gave me goosebumps and I got that insticitve feeling inside me telling me that this was right.

10155575_10152336945359605_1980129340386378334_nBut couldnt I just have stayed in Norway and gotten an education there? I was tired. Tired of cold winters, a life that was just always the same, and I honestly felt a bit different from everyone else. Everyone wanted to become lawyers and psychologists, and I choose something completely different like Communication and entrepenourship.

I needed something new in my life, and I also had an urging feeling of wanting to escape a bit of the past.

When you have had the same friends for several years it becomes difficult to change because they already have you in this tiny little box, which makes changing hard cause it will disrupt their image of you. But I felt the need to meet new people to discover myself again.


Did it help? Yes. I did find new sides to myself. By traveling and moving here I have discovered that I am honest at heart, loyal, trustworthy, nice as a person, have a big and open heart, is an excelent small talker, can recognize peoples faces easily, that I am smart (honestly I spent almost 13 years of my life thinking I was stupid cause I am terrible with math and couldnt learn to read before I was 7.. )I also discovered that I am very unpatient and that my sarcasm is not a universal type of humor.

Traveling has allowed me to rediscover myself. It has let me see myself through the eyes of another culture, I have grown strong principles that I try my best to always stand by. It has made me better, and also made me into a more complete human being. Moving to the states has allowed me to grow and opened my eyes and soul. And that is the reason why I moved to the states: Cause I wanted to spire and grow.


Moving Away From Your Friends

I wanna address how it is to move away from your friends at home cause I get a lot of email regarding it.


Yea, its hard. Especially in the beginning. During my first year I missed my friends so much I was talking to them almost every day, and if I was not doing that then I was telling my new friends in the States about my friends back at home. In other words: If I was not talking to them, I was talking about them.

However, even though I love all my friends back home, I can honestly say that I have lost contact with a lot of them. First of all I am a bad at keeping in touch with people Facebook stresses me out, especially in the beginning cause Norway is 9 hours ahead and I ended up having 24 hours of non stop communication with friends at home and friends here. It just became too much and I had to cut down. Secondly, I ran out of stuff to talk to them about. I would try to explain boy problems or school stuff to them, but for people who have never even visited me and seen how I live and what I do every day it becomes hard because they simply cant relate. Moreover, I cant relate to them anymore.

A big gap grows between you cause you never see eachother and because your life has become so different. But mostly the gap also comes from the fact that you are growing into different people. What we do, what we experience, and the people we meet influence us more than we think. I have never regretted moving to the states and I do really appreciate all the people I have met and made friends with cause I feel they have all made me into a better person. But having all these new experiences with places and people have made me grow, and thereby changed me. I am no longer the same person I was when I first moved here, and I cant expect my friends to be the same people either.

We change, and that is totally normal and okay, but because of it and the distance a gap grows between us. Relationships are built upon experiences. Those long nights chatting with your best friend during a slumber party, or that fun trip you guys had, and that “one time at bandcamp”.. All of those fun and close experiences you guys had binds you together and the glue becomes “oh! do you remember that one time..”. Its experiences you can relate to and talk about, but once you no longer have that the glue weakens and a gap begins to grow.

Its natural, and it will most likely happen. But you will meet new people that are equally as nice, fun, smart and amazing as your best friends back home. Dont ever forget your old friends and all the fun you had with them, but acknowledge the fact that moving abroad will forever change your relationships.




Trumpsta Music Video in the Making

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During the whole time we were sober and to be honest partying while sober is kinda hard and I felt awkward the entire time.. Regardless of that, It was still so much fun! I got to meet an amazing production team and some amazing girls!

Also I chose to be in the video cause it was my friend who produced it and because the team making it was professional, and because the team of the movie was funny, and also because I explicitly told I would only be in the video if I dident have to be in a bikini.. I just wanna point that out!1899905_10152590977773916_833594059_nnon of these pictures are mine. They are all from Max Bards album.

How to find cheap tickets

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Since I am a frequently traveler (I love traveling), I have become very good at finding cheap flight tickets. Here are some tips that I hope can help you on your way:

1: Kampanjer og nyhetsbrev: reiser du titt og often lønner det seg å melde seg inn i de ulike fly-og reiseselskapens kundeklubber. På denne måten sparer du opp litt poeng her og der, itillegg kan du få tilbud om gode kampanjer! New York tur-retur 2999 anyone?

2: Velg riktig utreise og hjemreise dag: Tirsdager er billig utreise, søndag er dyr hjemreise. Når de gjelder storbyene er often langhelgene dyre, da kan det lønne seg å heller reise midt-uke. Tillegg er tidlig morgenreiser ofte billigere enn ettermidagen.

Billige utreise:

– tirsdag, onsdag, torsdag, lørdag, søndag

Billige hjemreise:

– Mandag, lørdag, torsdag

3: Hvilken dag og tid du bestiller billetter: Visste du at flybilleter øker i pris i løpet av uken og at morgenen er billigere enn kvelden. Flyselskapene måler interesse ved å se på antal søk på ulike flyruter, og dermed regulerer de prisen. Bestill derfor alltid om morgenen og på dager slik som mandag, tirsdag og onsdag. På torsdag og fredag gleder man seg ofte til helgen og ferier og flere drømmer seg gjennom sydenturene på nett.

4: Antall dager før reisen: Skal du fly 1 August? bestill billett den 25 Juni. Det er en gyllen regel at desto tidligere du bestiller desto billigere er billetten, det er ikke alltid sånn dessverre. Flyselskapene legger ut såkalte prøvebilletter god tid i forveien for å se interessen, deretter regulerer de prisene og derfor kan noen billetter ofte være litt dyrere i forhold til interessen når de legges ut og det kan være en god ide og vente litt. Idealt og skal vi følge statestikken er de fleste flybilletter billigste 35 dager før avreise.

5: mot strømmen: London rett før jul? kanskje ikke en god ide når de kommer til pris. Som sagt billetter blir prissatt av interessen fra oss forbrukere, velg heller tyrkia i høstferien og Dubai i sommer (om du takler varmen).

6: Lett å lure oss nordmenn: Nordmenn er vandt til høyepriser og når de blir for billig da blir vi egentlig litt redde.. Mitt kanskje beste tips er å forandre søkesidene fra .no til .com og språk og valuta fra NOK til USC eller Euro. Av en eller annen merkelig grunn blir ofte prisene litt billigere når man går vekk fra NOK. Test det ut selv, og prøv på andre nettbutikker.

God tur!

Beautiful Baerums Verk

Almost all my life I have lived at Baerums Verk, or Bærums Verk as norwegians would spell it. It is a very old historical place that goes back to the 1500! It used to be an old iron work owned by the powerful Lionshield (Løvenskiold) family, that to this day still owns the majority of land where I live. I wish I had a picture of their castle, but it is well protected by fences and hidden away by tall trees.

I remember some friends of mine went to Malibu to see the waterfall there and was very disappointed since we norwegians are used to bigger waterfall than the little stream of water Malibu had to offer:

Baker Hansen is the nice cafe me and Josh went to. Look at that amazing location!In the red building to the right there is a gallery. Newlyweds often take their wedding pictures at the bridge you see in the picture. Down the street are white and beige houses. These houses are very old and used to be the homes of those working at the Iron work, now they functions as cute stores and cafes. Melboden and Pannekakehuset are two resturants that serve very good italian pizza and Holland pancakes.