IMG_4340 Moccasins dosent really belong in LA. But here you go. Bringing Europe to USC.


Our beautiful Doheny Library surrounded by californian palm trees.


meeeI am not the one to upload selfies… but it was thinking you guys might want to see other parts of my body than my feet. And I was nice enough to remove the terrible dark circles i had under my eyes too.




Why did I really move to the states?

I dont know. What made me wanna move all the way from little Norway to California to study? To be honest, it could have been NYC or Miami which was other places I was looking at. But I choose California cause my Brazilian friend Diego told me California was the ultimate college state. It was as simple as that.

But why USC? I came here when I was 16 to watch a USC football game and I remember driving pass the university and the row (the street where the fraternities and sororities are located) and it looked just like the movies. The college spirit was so visible that it gave me goosebumps and I got that insticitve feeling inside me telling me that this was right.

10155575_10152336945359605_1980129340386378334_nBut couldnt I just have stayed in Norway and gotten an education there? I was tired. Tired of cold winters, a life that was just always the same, and I honestly felt a bit different from everyone else. Everyone wanted to become lawyers and psychologists, and I choose something completely different like Communication and entrepenourship.

I needed something new in my life, and I also had an urging feeling of wanting to escape a bit of the past.

When you have had the same friends for several years it becomes difficult to change because they already have you in this tiny little box, which makes changing hard cause it will disrupt their image of you. But I felt the need to meet new people to discover myself again.


Did it help? Yes. I did find new sides to myself. By traveling and moving here I have discovered that I am honest at heart, loyal, trustworthy, nice as a person, have a big and open heart, is an excelent small talker, can recognize peoples faces easily, that I am smart (honestly I spent almost 13 years of my life thinking I was stupid cause I am terrible with math and couldnt learn to read before I was 7.. )I also discovered that I am very unpatient and that my sarcasm is not a universal type of humor.

Traveling has allowed me to rediscover myself. It has let me see myself through the eyes of another culture, I have grown strong principles that I try my best to always stand by. It has made me better, and also made me into a more complete human being. Moving to the states has allowed me to grow and opened my eyes and soul. And that is the reason why I moved to the states: Cause I wanted to spire and grow.


3 ways to motivate yourself


Some might say I am the most motivated person they have ever met cause I always leave people with the impression that it go all in in every case. But I will share a secret with you:

I often struggle to motivate myself..

BUT I got a couple of tricks I use to get back on track when I feel like the world is going against me and I need to work harder.

1: What motivates you?

Ask yourself that question and write down the answer cause this will be the ONE answer to all your problems. My boss asked me this my first day, and I said: I hate losing so I always try to be the best. I am motivated my numbers, not money, so for me at work it was always being the best saleswoman, or winning competitions. If money motivates you, then GREAT! Make a plan to how you of how much you would like to earn within a week/month/year, and then look at how you can get there.

2: Who do you wanna be?

Everytime any competition was over or I reached a goal, I just felt unbelievably unmotivated. And I always striv to set new goals so I could work towards them, but meanwhile I always had a little “dip” in my results. But during a leadermeeting one of the CEO´s said: “Find out who you wanna be, and be that person everyday in everything you do”. I believe this is so true. If you wanna be the person who always wake up at 6 am every morning to work out, then be that person. Or if you see yourself as the person who is ALWAYS positiv, then ALWAYS be that person. Make that decision today, and stick with it.

3: Plan it & set goals:

Who are you and where do you wanna go in life. Do you wanna be the owner of a company then fantastic! Make a 5/10/20 years ahead plan, and then set deadlines for certain things and stages you need to reach in order to reach your main goal. I did this when I decided to study at USC. I wrote down USC as my goal within two years, and then put:

6 months: improve grades

1 year: volunteer/SAT

2 years: apply/visa/essay

That way I kept track of what I needed to do but also it made me see that I was getting closer every day.

How to prepare for a new semester

Okay, you have stuffed yourself with so much Christmas food that you are seriously starting to doubt your body will ever return to its normal state before cabo springbreak, your mom is starting to secretly hope you and your mess will depart soon, you have heard all of the different versions of uncle Phil’s stories from when he was in college, and grandmas kisses have gone from being annoying to something you openly fear! Thank God the holidays are over! Here’s the guide on how to prepare yourself for yet another semester:


1: delete old mail if you are like me and never delete any of your mail in your student email, now is the time to do so. Start your semester with a clean slate and an empty mailbox! Your New Years resolution should also be to keep it nice and clean throughout!

2: order your books and also sign up for classes if you have not done so.. Never buy your books at the book store, learn that Amazon is your new best friend! Another idea is to also email the professor and ask he if has any extra books he is willing to lend out!

3: wash all your cloths nothing is more annoying than washing cloths in college. It takes time, effort and sometimes money.. So wash your cloths at home and arrive on campus with an entirely clean wardrobe almost as good as new!

Not this kinda calender..

Not this kinda calender..

4: get a calendar and use it! My mom buys me a calendar every year and because of my goldfish memory I always use it! I swear I have been getting better grades after I started using it!

5: check where your classes are I always do the mistake of being too late for my first class cause I have no idea where it’s at! So please get a map and find out where your classes are before semester starts!


Do you have any great ideas for how to start your semester?? Post them here!

Back to School

its back to school this week and so far I think I enjoy all my classes, except from Public Delibiration which I dont really have any idea what is about yet… might drop that classes.
I am doing 18 units this semester, thats a full course load of 5 classes: Communication and Technology, Neuroscience, Stress management, Public Deliberation, Communication and culture. It will be an interesting semester!


How to survive a long distance flight

Before I would have told you that I love flying, but after moving to LA and therefore have to make at least 4 long distance flights each year I have come to the conclusion that I hate flying. But my new experience have also helped me to be better prepared:

here is what I pack with me and do during flights:

Flight Survial
1: despite an 11 hour flight from London/amsterdam/Paris people still like to open the window lides after the light in the cabin has been switched off. So bring a Sleepcover for your eyes. Earplugs also, because there will always be those who think that an 11 hour flight is the perfect place to start the vacation by drinking alcohol and chatting loudly. Washcloth: I use it to remove makeup and freshen up. It feels so nice to put cold water on your face after sitting in the dry plane air. Neckpillow: lifesaver! It looks ridicules, but its the best invention ever.
2: Sometimes you are lucky and other times you are not when it comes to plane food, but lets face it, it dosent really taste like anything. So bring a snack to eat in case the food gets too far below the standards of regular food.
3: Dress in layers, sometimes the plane is cold and other times its hot, therefor always dress both. Also always bring socks, it may sound stupid, but living in LA and often wearing sandales I have more than once forgot to put on or bring socks.. Plus, wearing socks can make you sleep better.
4: I know this is too much, but the plane air is so dry and always makes me break out. Bring a makeup remover and a facemask to clear your skin, and a eyecream and facial cream to keep it rehydrated. A BB cream is good since it provides coverage for your tired flight looking skin, plus hydration. Handcream and lipbalm is also necessary!
a bit extreme perhaps, but I hate flying and I always breakout after so these are the steps I have taken to survive.

the real meaning of life


Pics from the last year

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I miss LA so bad…

I miss LA so bad, I need some sunshine and fun!


og så har jeg glemt ledningen til kamera da..

Ingen vits med camera når man ikke har ledningen til å overføre bildene, nå har dere klart dere uten et eneste innlegg de siste 3 månendene så tror dere klarer dere uten litt bilder også de neste 7 dagene.

Hva fikk alle til jul da? ble den årets store julegave på alle (Ipad)? det ble det hvertfall på meg gitt, pluss et logitech tastatur slik at jeg kan bruke ipaden på skolen og slipper å drasse med meg mac´en.



Bilde tatt fra før sommerferien

puss puss Chris