Best Memories of LA

I have written a similar post before but Ill do it again!


1375824_10201078798545446_796449144_nRush or recruitment is when guys and girls go through the week-long process of joining a sorority or fraternity. As a international student all I knew about rush was from the movies or TV shows like Greek and such. In real life It was kinda similar, it was equally as scary and intimidating and despite promising myself to not get really involved I ended up crying when I got the house that I wanted Delta Gamma. The entire nerve wreaking process and getting my bid was one of the best memories from LA.

Paul Orfaelas class:

Paul Orfaela is a professor at USC, but also the multi billionaire creator of Kinkos (coopying store in US). I has a class at USC that is extremely difficult to get into, and you have to apply for it and write an essay. I got in as every thuresday for an entire semester we ate dinner at one of the nice restaurants on campus. A dinner he paid for while we discussed current events and news. At the end of the semester he invites his students to his country club in santa barbara.


1554527_10152371451455242_8442500854697717908_nIt was a MESS. I had no tickets and snuck in two days for 80 dollars a day. Sketchy as f*** and I am for sure being tickets next year! But we had soo much fun!


The ultimate college destination! I have no words.. Ill give you pictures.

1157451_10201050311414929_255029396_n 1377246_10153971645100249_1897664_n 1896923_10153931852580626_1208583545_n 10015644_10153905666645212_489085917_nMore to come!


I know. Its been a while now. again. Im sorry. again.I had my finals and then on the May 16th I went back to Norway to celebrate 17 of may with my friends. The day before I left I had my interview with a marketing company about a summer job and I got it the day I left LA. I started May 18th and the rest of the summer just went by in a “swusj”. Three months went by like nothing, but still it left me soo changed that coming back to LA and USC was hard.I have my dreams, but I have changed, and so must my dreams too.

Coming to LA was my dream, and going to USC was the biggest of them all. I have seen, experienced, and met so many people that I am incredibly thankful for, and I always imaged myself spending the rest of my life in this city. But I have changed.

I came back to Norway still feeling like that 19 year old girl I was when I left, but after this summer I think I have become 10 years older. I broke a couple of records, won a summer competition, had a team of people working for me, and basically worked my ass off 24/7 this entire summer. And while I was doing it I discovered that I was amazingly good at it and that it was something I LOVED doing.

Norway was that icecold boring country that I thought I would never go back to. There was nothing in Norway I felt was worth coming back for, but now I have realized that deep inside of me there is a girl who is still Norwegian by heart, and what it took for me to realize it was an intense job who pushed me, and also showed me that there was something in Norway worth going back to.


SO dear Norway. Im coming home.

Beat the Midterm Blues: How to stay motivated


While you read this you can also think about what I am doing in this picture..

yep I am procrastinating.. But here are some good sites to help you through the midterm season:

How to stay motivated mid semester

5 tips to beat the Mid Semester blues

Mid semester motivation tips

Tips to help you stay motivated mid semester

My best tips

  1. Calender: put everything you need to do in your calender
  2. Plan: Paper due monday, project tuesday, test on wedensday and quiz on thuresday? Might be a good idea to use those three extra days of the week to get a head start.. yes I am talking about the weekend.
  3. wake up early: you know there is 5 very useful hours between 7 am and 12? put them to use.
  4. work out: great hot body? and also more energy!
  5. Stay off those quizzes at Buzzfeed. I might allow Elitedaily cause they sometimes have great motivation articles..

And seriously guys remember you have made it to the half, which means that its only the other half left.. and lets be honest you DO NOT wanna meet the summer with bad grades!

We can do it!



How to rush in college

Rushing for me was extreme! Coming from little Norway I was so lost during the whole process; I even managed to sign up too late and almost had to miss the whole thing hadent it been for a white lie about the application not working (blabla) and a very sweet sorority girl who got me in.


I think that for international students rushing is something we only see on film and TV shows where everything is exaggerated and overdone. But I will tell you one thing: those hair-flipping overexcited blond, tan, white teeth sorority girls you see on TV they do all exist.

day 1: We went through registration which I almost missed since I hadent signed up. But there was a quick meeting about sorority, alcohol policy, security, etc. Then we were given groups and let to go.

day 2 to 4: We met in the groups we were assigned (i was group 13.. and what they  call an Ad On because I registered late so I knew that non of the sorority had done any background check on me like they often do for girls they view as potential members). The first day we had three houses we had to talk to.

You stand with your group outside the sorority house and the girls in the sorority come out and sing and flip their hair for you. The hair flip looks kinda crazy and I was seriously concerned for their necks! But anayways, after some hairflipping you go into the house and one girl takes your hand and find a spot for you to sit down and have a talk. I had a normal conversations (Miley cyrus and the summer was hot topics) with all the girls i spoke to during the three days of conversations but some girls are also asked about their community service hours and very formal stuff.

We had three days of conversation days. I remember it being ridiculously hot outside so a few girls fainted during the 5 hours a day you run around from house to house all dressed up in heels and cute outfits. You barely had time to eat between the houses as they where all scheduled to be only 10 minutes apart and some houses where running late so you had to run for the next one in your heels and all.

I very quickly had my favorites which was Kappa, DG, Alpha Phi and Pi Phi. I think I liked them because the conversation went smoother and I got the feeling they wanted me.

After the last conversation day you have to run back to you group leader and pick 7 of your top houses. Then the next day you have to wake up early and meet up with your group leader which hands you a little piece of colored paper with those houses who invited you back for house tour. If one of the seven houses you chose the day before drops you because they did not believe you would fit in you will be invited back into one of the other houses that listed you. I got all the houses I listed, but I was most excited to see all my top 4 there.

Day 5: Day five is house tours which means that you are invited back into the house and are allowed to see other parts of the house than you saw the first day. These days felt even hotter and I actually ran home during my one hour break to shower (!) and redo my make up. House tours are more fun than conversation days as you get to see the house.

First there are some more hairflipping by the sorority girls before you go in in alphabetical order (this is because they had matched you up with someone). I remember most of the girls that gave me house tours was international students aswell because they want to match you up with someone they believe you would like. A lot of the girls I met during house tours are still girls I hang out with today so they do a good job on matching you!

After day 5 you rush back to your group leader who asks you to choose your top 4. At this point my favorites where Kappa, DG, ADPi (mostly because my roommate is in this house), and Pi Phi.

Day 6: This is slideshow day, but first you have to meet up with your group leader to see which houses invited you back. At this point I was so nervous that I barely managed to look a my little pink peace of paper, but also this time I got all the houses I wanted!

I had my first house at 11 so I went back for a few more hours of sleep. Then I met up with my groups. Again it was dripping hot outside! A few girls fainted and I felt dizzy myself at a point because sometimes some of the sororities are a bit behind schedule so you therefore have to stand outside all dressed up, super stressed in the burning sun and wait for them to come out and get you.

During Slideshow day you get to see a slideshow or video of fun events the sorority have done. Its a way for them to show you that they are all nice, fun and cute girls. Slideshow days are less stressful as you get to sit down the entire time while watching a short little video, hear the girls sing and you even get food and drinks.

Then end of the day you meet up with your group adviser for the last time to choose your top two. I had to call my roommate and let her know I would be dropping her house. I really wanted to be in a house with her, but I quickly got the feeling that her house was not for me, and I also felt that the other houses wanted me more. So this time I choose Kappa and DG.

day 7: same process as before, you wake up early and meet up with your advisers to get to know which houses you got. It took me a few minutes to gather up the courage to even look at my slip. It is incridible how invested you get into this. You try so hard to make the houses you want like you and not getting invited back can feel like such a stab in the heart, almost like a breakup. Coming in as a international student it was totally unexpected for me that I would care this much about getting the houses I wanted. I luckily again was invited back to my top houses.


day seven is preference day (because this is your preference houses). This is the more formal part of the recruitment process and you have to dress up very nice in heels and cocktail dresses. They have one girl from each house come out and walk you in. You get to sit down for a little meal while they have speeches, performances and entertainment for you. To me this part was a bit extreme as one of my top houses literally looked like they were having a wedding! The houses was decorated beautifully and everything was planned down to the very last details with food and everything.

Right after this you have to stand in line to electronically select your number 1 choice. There was maybe 100 girls in line when I got there as almost 700 girls are rushing! I choose DG as my first because it was a house that I really liked from the beginning and I felt I got really well along with the girls!

Evening day 7: this is when you get to find out which house you got into. All the sororities pick around 70 girls out of 1000 potential members so the competition is hard! At USC you meet up in the evening with your group members in jeans and a white shirt. At the same time you are handed a bid card which says which house you got into. Every girl around me would turn their card and start screaming, while some girls seemed less happy as they might not have gotten their top choice. This was perhaps the peak of my nervousness during rush. I started at the back of my card to gather up the courage to have a look. One of my group leaders looked at me and smiled: “You will be happy” she said, and I knew at that moment I had gotten into DG so I turned the card quickly and with proud letters it said: Welcome to Delta Gamma! I screamed! I felt so ridicules! But also so incredible happy!

1236606_10151689721984051_546419889_n After finding out which house you get into we at USC do the House Run where you run from campus to the row where your new sorority is. A long the way fraternity boys (which you have not been allowed to speak to during rush) have gathered to welcome the new girls. Its looks insane as 700 overly excited girls run all sweaty toward their house.


At DG I had all my new sisters waiting for me with gifts and hugs, and it felt great to meet all of them and finally know that the week of rush hell was over!




What 2013 taught me

Jardin I love those end of the year lists everyone makes. Its a fun way to remember the year that has gone by and also see if there was any valuable lessons that I can take with me into the new year.

1: Try to live in a different city: Of course I am talking about this summer when I lived in Paris! Despite seriously having some of the worst moments in my life while I was there, I still met some amazing people that I still keep in touch with, and I seriously learned that idea of not caring too much about school.  A grade freak like me would before Paris have cried myself to sleep over a bad grade, but in Paris I learned that skipping the last 4 hours of class to sit at cafees with my friends were far more valuable than any grade! (I will make that lesson nr 2)

3: There is always a way: Gash I am back discussing Paris(france) again, BUT when I nearly missed my flight in Nice I did everything in my power to get on that plane, even though that meant hitchhiking with a complete stranger on the back of a motorcycle… When thing dosent go your way, you are obliged to do anything in your power to make it go your way. It is not over before the plane leaves the ground (literary).Antoniette

4: Beauty arises from chaos: I wrote an essay about hip hop and Blues and learned the connection that musical styles often grow out of social struggles. Blues from minstrel and slavery, and hip hop from the Bronx in the 70s. I think its an important message as life often fall down upon us and we sometimes struggle to see where our next step will be, and its therefore important to remember that better things can aspire out of the muddle we sometimes get our self into.

5: Sororities are OKAY! I taught I would be stuck with a bunch of airheads, but I ended up being stuck with 250 amazing, smart and successful women! Sororities have their stereotypes, and although a lot of them are confirmed I have kinda changed my view on the stereotypes. That smiling blond overly excited girl is now me and for all the right reasons as being part of a sorority has taught me about smiling, and appreciating things a bit more. And I seriously understand why they are all so excited because being part of a group makes the fun even more fun. its kinda like giggling over silly things with your best friend, but now you have 250 of them.

DG6: A smile can get you far, and not smiling saves you a lot energy..: A smile can brighten any day and I love walking into my sorority and always see somone smiling and asking how my day was. I also saw the importance of smiling when we visited an elderly center up in hollywood and one lady started crying because she just loved the christmas joy we spread (and the cookies). Smiles send so much love so remember to smile. On the other side not smiling keeps the freaks off you. gash some people cant take no for an answer, and therefore looking like a mad cow solves the issue as no one dares to approach you!

7: Learn to forgive…

8: College is possibly the best time of your life: this one speaks for itself, if not just google it.

1441287_652741371445359_411421617_n9: Take the opportunities you are given: I have really practiced the YES word this year. Said yes to a free trip to miami, free stay in cannes, yes to paris, yes to joining a sorority, yes to being a model at oslo fashion week, yes to new friends, yes to vegas, yes to free stay in SF, sooo much yes

10: have fun. Fridays are not meant for the library. Go out

11: be the person you want to be remembered as: being in college with so many young people it often happens that someone passes away at a too early age. I remember reading about one usc student who died tragically in Cabo last springbreak, and it struck me how such an amazing person he sounded like. He will definitely be remembered as a great guy. And off of that I think its important to remember that we dont live forever so therefore appreciate the moments we are given with people that you love and who loves you, and try to emphasize the good qualities within you so that people remember you as genuine good, (and not as a bitch to likes to control everyones life)

12: have a schedule that works for you. I like to sleep 12 hours every day.. and i therefore have a schedule that helps me with that.



My favorite places in LA


La Conversation in West Hollywood: After a long night out there is nothing better than spending the morning eating an salmon Philadelphia omelet with an Americano at La Conversation. It looks like a little Parisian café with rude and unorganized waiters that forgets your order and barley speaks English: Its my little Paris in LA. While you are waiting for the food that takes forever (seriously, 40 min for an omelet?) you can enjoy the mini croissants, mini muffins and buns in cute little baskets. Terrible service, amazing food, great location and calm environment: Success!

Café Audrey in Hollywood: Amazing salads, ice coffees and bakeries. Eaten here a few times at its so nice and cozy and the coffee tastes more European than the regular too sweet American starbucks latte. It has great food, environment and service, however the location in the middle of Hollywood is not exactly ideal.

XIV: Its the perfect place to spend your Sunday if you are not ready for Monday. Its a summer party club that spurs hysteria every time it opens. Lots of champagne, costume events, and good music.

Villa Blanca in Beverly Hills: To work here you have to be a model.. and to get a table you should always reserve. Its a great restaurant with beautiful waiters, good food and amazing white overindulged interior.

Four Seasons Rodeo Dr: I love this hotel! It has a very posh atmosphere but the service is good. Enjoy a drink at the many bars or eat dinner in their nice restaurant. If you are lucky you might get invited into one of the weddings being held at the huge ballroom there.

Helloo summer and my dear dear readers!

Takk for søte kommentarer og mailer de siste ukene, jeg er heldig som har lesere som dere! Vet jeg ikke har rukket å svare alle, men skal prøve så fort jeg kan! 

mye har skjedd. Jeg er tilbake i Norge hvor jeg er i full sommerjobb og jobber 9 timer hver dag, står opp kl 5 hver morgen for å være på jobb kl 6 for så å sitte der i 9 timer. Heldigvis blir det penger ut av det!! 

om tre uker reiser jeg til Paris! Da må dere love å følge meg! Skal være der en måned å lære fransk på prestisjefylte Sciences Po. Tiden jeg ikke skal bruke på skolen kommer til å gå med til å titte på de fashionable pariserne mens jeg sitter på cafe og drikker vin og spiser crossaints og macarones. 

Deretter flyr jeg til Cannes for å møte noen venner et par dager, blir sikkert mye bilder og slikt derfra. Gleder meg!

Etter dette får jeg se hvor og hva sommeren bringer. 

Mens dere venter på at jeg skal offesielt begynne å blogge igjen kan dere sende meg mailer om spørsmål dere har. Jeg skal også komme med et innlegg angående skoleskytingen på Santa Monica College. 

Au Ravoir mine kjære lesere. 

BTW: jeg flytter bloggen fra til .org, og har kjøpt domene plass hos Bloggen kommer til å være nede noen dager tror jeg, og vis det går skikkelig dårlig mister jeg domene… menne holder dere oppdatert. fungerer uansett!


I am moving to Paris

2013-03-10 18.45.06

For those who follow me on Instagram you already know this, but for those who dont: I am moving to Paris this summer.

I am attending Sciences Po in Paris to take a french language course to prepare for my masters which I hopefully will be taking in Paris. I am super excited!

2013-03-11 10.16.42

Classes start July 1st and goes on until the 27th. It is 76 hours a week (… more than a average working week) so this will be interesting and very intense, however, I hope I will learn some french and also be able to take a step into the Sciences Po system:)

Au Revoir,


South Beach Miami

Det er så inderlig vakkert her! Alt er rent og pent!

Everything is so beautiful here, clean and nice unlike LA…

Here are so pictures from the beach we went to the other day. Look at the palmstrees! I swear, we do not have palmtrees like that in LA.ImageImage